Useful info


Race office / Finish / Expo area / Food & Drink  map 
2 Bus per 12 km  map 
3 Trains to Tirano (42km) and to Chiuro (21km)  map 
4 Bus to showers  map 
5 Showers  map 
6 Showers & massages  map 
7 Toilette  map 
8 Bag deposit  map 

Recommended parking spaces
Via Vanoni, presso Tennis Club (1 km)  map 
Via S. Giovanni Bosco (1 km)  map 
Via Don Lucchinetti - scuole medie Torelli (1,2 km)  map 
Viale dello Stadio, presso campo CONI (1,5 km)  map 
Piazza Garibaldi, underground parking  map 
Via Piazzi, underground parking (0,4 km)  map 
Via N. Sauro, underground parking (0,5 km)  map 
Via Tonale, school Campus (0,7 km)  map 

Useful info

Race office
Piazza Garibaldi
Thursday 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Ritiro pettorali
Per il ritiro pettorali è necessario firmare liberatoria (da compilare in loco o portata già compilata)

Bus and trains schedule
Bus to Castione Andevenno 12km: Piazzale Valgoi at 7.45 to 9.15
Trains to Tirano 42km: start from Sondrio railway station at 8.21
Trains to Chiuro 21km: start from Sondrio railway station 9.21
Free tickets for competitors will be distributed at the station 1 hour before the departure of the respective trains (7.20 the 42km and 8.20 for the 21km).
Bus to showers: continuous service from and to showers round-trip.

Shuttle service to and from showers located at Palestra Torelli and Palascieghi. Shuttles depart on Via Lungo Mallero Cadorna, a few dozen meters from Piazza Garibaldi.

Obligatory kit
42km: trail running shoes – cup/drinking vessel – windproof jacket – headtorch - telephone – emergency blanket
21km: trail running shoes – cup/drinking vessel – windproof jacket 
12km: trail running shoes – cup/drinking vessel – windproof jacket 
12km non-competitive: cup/drinking vessel – windproof jacket

Emergency phone number
The emergency number is printed on each bib, to be contacted if medical assistance is needed.

In case of withdrawal please notify the nearest checkpoint. There will be a pick-up pick-up and transport service on arrival (possible wait depending on the number of people to be picked up) contacted at +39 3505767287

Bag drop

There will be a bag deposit service at each start.
Each athlete will have inside the bag containing the bib a sticker with bib number to place on the bag/bag that will be brought to the finish line.

Refreshment points

Cantina Boffalora km 1,5
Cantina Selva km 3
Cantina Menegola km 4
Cantina Mozzi Km 5,5
Triasso Km 8

Castionetto km 4
Chiuro km 6,4
Ponte in Valtellina km 9
Tresivio km 13,9
Poggiridenti km 17
Montagna in Valtellina km 18,2 

Contrada Beltramelli km 4,5
La Gatta km 9,6
Teglio km 16,1
Castionetto km 23,1
Chiuro km 25,6
Ponte in Valtellina km 27,6 
Tresivio km 32,75 
Poggiridenti km 35,1
Montagna in Valtellina km 37,2


Typical Valtellina lunch served starting at 12:00 noon. Each athlete receives meal voucher that they can use throughout the day. Consider that there will be 3000 starters and there will be times when due to the large turnout and the type of food offered (freshly prepared pizzoccheri) waiting will be inevitable. Companions and outsiders will be able to purchase meal vouchers at a cost of 15€.

Bar service - wine bar and kitchen
In operation Friday with hours from 4 to 9 p.m.
Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight.

Friday apericena with sciatt and taglieri and wine tasting
Saturday all day possibility of typical Valtellina lunch/chopping boards and sandwiches

Wine Trail Party
Starting at 7 p.m. Saturday, DJ set and final party open to all